03 August, 2009

James May Lego House update

So we went over to Denbies in Dorking on Sunday (didn't bother going on Saturday as it was pretty stinky weather for most of the day) -
Denbies Lego House James May
- to check out the Lego house...we found some evidence of what had been going on right away, plenty of signs directing people to various car parks around the place-
Denbies Lego House James May
- and to the location of the build itself (a rather small area just outside the farm shop) and apart from a couple of guys busy packing up tables and chairs, the *only* sign of real Lego we found when we got there was that was a small donation bucket by the entrance...
Denbies Lego House James May
Not sure how helpful the tiny Lego men and women are going to be in constructing a house, but it was very kind of whoever donated them to think they might be... ;)

Anyway, while Flyingpops and Nanjan sensibly sat down and waited in the sunshine for someone they could ask about what was going on (this chap wasn't terribly helpful)-
Denbies Lego House James May
- I ran around the place to see if I could find any evidence of the house itself, spotting what certainly looked like some very interesting potential walks in the process (and rather a lot of grapes for that matter)-
Denbies Lego House James May
Denbies Lego House James May
- the site being crisscrossed by public footpaths, but failing miserably, I returned to the others to discover that there really wasn't anything to see at this stage - speaking to the guys moving the tables had revealed that apparently all they had done on Saturday was arrange volunteers to build a selection of slightly larger blocks out of the smaller ones (which had then been put carefully in storage) and lay a large concrete foundation (as the house was reckoned to end up weighing quite a considerable amount upon completion)...they had further been told that it could take anything up to three weeks(!) to get to the stage where there's anything close to an actual house to photograph...so my advice? Don't go rushing over there like we did...it'll be much more exciting in a couple of weeks time...

I'm just glad we didn't have to drive very far to find out that there wasn't anything to see...! We were pretty far from the only ones trying their luck too, the place was absolutely full of curious people nosing around - Denbies really missed a trick there - not even the coffee shop was open to take advantage of all that passing trade!

Update - We have had another visit, lots more to see here...!


Ys said...

I've always loved Lego! Shame there wasn't anything to photograph yet but at least it was a pretty place. Looks like the weather was good too :)

Sally said...

We went on Saturday and was a complete waste of time! So packed full of people!! So went up Boxhill for a bit instead :)

Anonymous said...

Also went on Saturday with my 2 sons. Got there early and was in the first group. Amazing morning, James welcomed everyone personally and spent time chatting to my sons during the build. Well worth the trip.

Conor said...

Took some pics last Saturday, the house was partially built. See http://conorspix.blogspot.com/2009/08/lego-house-dorking-part-built.html

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh thanks Conor! Anyone else got any?