24 August, 2009

Delivery by c-section, Dad's perspective

...and so that was it, they left us alone to have a little cry and try to get used to the idea that we were about to go through major surgery and much sooner than expected be holding our new baby, but it was abundantly clear that there was some considerable urgency in getting the procedure underway, before we knew it Flyingpops was being rolled down the corridor towards the birthing centre...I had to hurriedly change into some fetching blue surgical attire (the trousers were both way too short on the leg and far too wide at the waist, threatening to fall down all the time as well as make me look quite ridiculous) -
During the c-section
- and then, after a quick trip up the hall to one of the theatres (me scrambling around for camera and the CD Flyingpops had wanted during labour, scuttling after the rapidly vanishing bed), Flyingpops was hooked up to all sorts of machines (during which she managed to convince one of the nurses to let her try a gasp of gas and air - her only go at any of the other forms of pain relief) -
During the c-section
- and the injection of opiate drugs was administered into her spine (they had to stop and wait during contractions as there is danger of paralysis if the patient moves while they are inserting the needle, bit scary!), meanwhile I handed the CD over to one of the other nurses (original cast Joseph)...
During the c-section
I was handed a pair of wellington boots (which were about 3 sizes too small, but were the largest that they had) as I pulled them on I noted with no little amount of alarm that they came pre-blood stained (this had the potential to be quite messy then) and offered a chair...Flyingpops was put into position on the operating table, her lower half gradually loosing it's capacity to move (which she found most odd) and any ability to feel pain (there was still some gentle sensation of touch) which the anesthetist tested using what looked like a lemon flavoured ice lolly...when Flyingpops could feel nothing very much at all a screen was clipped in front of us, so neither of us could see the bump, and the three surgeons got down to work, talking quietly to one another in Doctor's cant...Flyingpops was smiling and happy throughout the procedure, which lasted a shockingly short amount of time before one of the doctors was saying "Congratulations!" and holding up a slimy, grey, blood streaked tangle of arms, legs and loud wails...I *thought* at this stage (as the baby was whisked away to be cleaned) I had spotted some testicles, but I couldn't *quite* be sure...so I told Flyingpops it *might* be a boy, but I would have to check...
During the c-section
I was then invited around the curtain, as I stood up I saw all the tools of the trade (and quite a number of bloody swabs), passing the foot of the bed I couldn't help glance back at the surgeons working (not something I will forget in a hurry, but not as terrible a picture as my mind had been conjuring) and then I was presented to my baby, offered a pair of scissors (which I asked the nurse to confirm were extremely sharp, for some odd reason)...and then, as the nurses shielded their bodies and masks, I cut the cord (which I didn't think I would be able to do)...it's quite a messy process, the blood in there is under a lot of pressure and it sprays out a little like a slightly shaken Coke can...and then I came back to Flyingpops and told her that it was indeed a boy...
During the c-section
Seconds later Mummy and baby were united...phew!

The bit that really took the time (as of course it would do), was all the stitching up afterwards, during this, one of the surgeons fainted (fell flat on the floor!) and had to be rescued by colleagues and taken out of the theatre...Flyingpops told me that she could feel them working on her torso, but the sensation felt a little like a washing machine churning around (yes, the drugs I recon)! ;) When they were all done I went around to check what the wound looked like and it was incredible, a barely visible red line, like a scratch from a blackberry plant, not a single stitch was apparent, almost like nothing had happened at all!

And before we knew it I was returning my boots, getting changed back into my civilian clothes and joining Mum and baby in one of the delivery rooms...!


Absolute Beginner said...

Thanks for blogging about this in so much detail - it is good to know it's not quite as gruesome as I might have feared. I need to be prepared for every eventuality!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

It's absolutely nothing to fear, Flyingpops was *so* calm (and smiling) throughout it all, the professionals are just that (apart from the ones that fall over) and actually, this is the most simple (if daunting) part of the whole process...I think the worst bit of it was when Flyingpops started to feel a bit sick (after it was all over)! ;)

-MR X- said...

so *ahem* ...... getting much X-box action in these days?

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hah! Actually finished the last DLC for Fallout 3 on Sunday night when Mum and Thomas had gone up to bed! ;)