28 August, 2009

Finks Links #74

Yes! I've managed a link post! Things *must* be getting back to normal (a bit)...!! ;)

The ultimate revenge bikini (forewarned is forearmed, ladies)...!

Feral Houses in America... [pics]

Japan invaded by giant jellyfish!

Explore Kariz, Iran (incredible ancient engineering)...

Extremely scary - demolition goes wrong in Turkey, result - real life Katamari Damcy! [video]

How to avoid ads in Gmail (in a way that definitely won't get you flagged up by ECHELON, oh no... ;)

Understocked (cartoon)...

Building Rome in a day (from Flickr Pics)...

Volcano eruptions from space!

LED Throwies...

...and finally a great State law fail, and an amusing sightseeing fail... ;)

More next week (or as intermittently weekly as I can manage, anyway)...! :)

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