13 January, 2009

Easy Tilt Shift Photography

Wow, check out tiltshiftmaker.com, it basically lets you convert any picture (with very little effort) into a tilt shift image (i.e. makes it look like it is actually a shot of a tiny scale model, rather than a real scene) - there is one caveat though - you need to view the pictures large for it to *really* work, so click the below and take a look (if you hit the "all sizes" icon above the image you can view larger versions), the original pictures are linked to from Flickr if you want to compare them with the tilt shift conversions -
Hedley Wood Tilt shift
Coba Tilt Shift
- a bit of fun, anyway...there are, of course, some much better examples on their flickr stream (if you like this sort of thing)...looks like good targets are shots with a large depth of field...

Have a go! ;)

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Ys said...

That's really cute! I think I might have to spend a few hours playing with that while Ray plays Fall Out 3 tonight ;)