05 January, 2009

Back to Work...

Snowing at Canary Wharf
Ah well, all good things must come to an end I suppose, had a fantastic break, will talk more about that later on...this morning though, we awoke to an inch of snow (and here I must note that not a single flake was witnessed over the entire Christmas break - it just had to happen when I couldn't enjoy it!), so we were out early scraping Poppy the Beetle clear then driving extremely slowly to Earlswood Station, which was equally snow-bound, predictably the trains were delayed, but not by much, and of course (so much for all the hype and closure for super speed training before Christmas) the Jubilee line was closed this morning due to overcrowding (so I had to use the secret entrance)...still, I'm now staring out the window at a blizzard dusting east London, so it's not all bad...just wish I had packed my proper camera! ;)

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Ys said...

We're not getting any snow down this way yet although my mother-in-law did mention that there were some flurries yesterday morning, which I missed!

Getting back to the normal routine again really does suck after Christmas, doesn't it? :/