07 January, 2009

Christmas Update

So we then had a few days off, including my Birthday (unfortunately had to work on Christmas Eve, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes) got an absolutely huge number of games (including everything I wanted from the Chrismas releases for the 360 - most played of that little lot so far are probably the most recent COD (which is like the older ones rather than COD 4, which is a bit of a shame as COD 4 was rather good) and Fable II (which has completely absorbed me to the point of stopping my replay of Fallout 3) although I've nearly finished that already with all the hours I put in over Christmas)...!

Christmas morning (after enjoying Midnight Mass at St Peters in Tandridge where we got Married earlier in the year) -
St Peters Tandridge
- we awoke at home (for the first time ever) to presents under our tiny live Christmas tree -
Christmas Tree with presents
- rather later than intended (don't think we woke up until about 10am!) and had a lazy breakfast of four minute eggs with soldiers -
Boiled Egg and Soldiers
- before heading over for a fantastic meal of roasted goose at my parents and even more piles of pressies in the afternoon (very spoilt)! ;) Boxing day was another roast dinner (beef this time) at Flyingpops folks and then with barely a chance to catch our breath we were busy packing the car ready for an early start to begin our New Years break in Cornwall, first stop over was to go and visit Flyingpops' friend Dawn (who has recently moved to Okehampton) about an hour away from where we would be staying...


Anonymous said...

have you taken measurements of your tree to compare in 12 months time?....x

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Ah, nope! That's probably a good idea, I do have the pictures though, so we can probably estimate!