30 July, 2008

Send your name to the moon!

Having already sent my name to Mars (project closed in 2002 and I only just get around to picking up my certificate, what am I like?) -
Mars certificate (from 2002-2003)
- so when this one popped up I thought "Why not?"...if you want to join me/us then you'll have to be quick - the moon project closes tomorrow!
Send your name to the moon
Send your name to the moon!

Oh and for bonus points NASA have just launched a new super friendly image and video portal (containing 140,000 images from space history)... ;)


Ys said...

oh very cool! I had to do it :)

Flyingpops said...

Me too!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

On the way into space...Whoosh!! ;)

Tom Hopwood said...

Missed this one but managed to get on the Mars Exploration Rover 2003 mission. At least we're out there even if the truth isn't