21 July, 2008

"Couple on Seat" - sculpture, Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf at Christmas #12
Time for another bit of culture (for lack of anything else coherent to offer) situated in Cabot Square (named after John Cabot (c. 1425 – 1500) and his son Sebastian (1474 - 1557), Italian-born navigators and explorers who, in the reign of Henry VII, sailed to Nova Scotia, which he claimed for England)...not relevant to the artwork, but at least you can say you learned something today... ;)

This one is on the side of the square, looking out over the bridge that spans the dock to the north of Canary Wharf, it was sculptured by artist Lynn Chadwick back in 2000...dunno why but they kind of make me think of superheroes having a quick break before they go and do their supermarket shopping... ;)

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Ys said...

lol they do look like superheroes having a break!