25 July, 2008

Capital Radio at Canary Wharf

Capital Radio Roadshow in Canary Wharf #2
Wow, two posts in one day and we're not even at 9am yet (scroll down for the links if that's what you came for)...anyway, it's been a bit of an eventful morning already, watching BBC Breakfast they announced that the Oyster system (those cards used to pay for using the London Underground and buses) was in meltdown, and it was actually much better as many of the barriers were just left open as a result...queues were reduced, platforms were emptier, shame they can't manage to break it more often... ;)

Picked up some more free chewing gum at London Bridge then got to Canary Wharf and just as Flyingpops told me on the train (she was listening to the wireless on her mobile) the Capital Radio roadshow was right outside the tube station, Johnny Vaughn was right there inside the black routemaster, blaring out (just as I approached) that "this is probably the biggest outside broadcast we have ever done, there are absolutely thousands of people out there", of course, he didn't realise that there are *always* absolutely thousands of people at Canary Wharf but a good 100 or so had stopped to watch and listen (or join in by having their heads shaved for charity) -
Capital Radio Roadshow in Canary Wharf #5
- which surprising numbers of people were actually doing -
Capital Radio Roadshow in Canary Wharf #6
- I managed to resist...got my haircut booked for tomorrow morning... ;)


Ys said...

Is that the same Johnny Vaughan who used to present the Big Breakfast? I think he's so funny! :)

Tom Hopwood said...

OK, you didn't get the hair cut there but you could send him your hair for charity.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yep, same one Ys, and *leave* *my* *hair* alone Tommo!! ;)