13 March, 2008

Ultimate Goodie Bag - Canary Wharf

Ultimate Freebie Bag - Canary Wharf
Wow, nice surprise this morning, opposite "Oi! Bagel" lots of Canary Wharf "crew" were handing out these little goodie bags, in what *has* to be the ultimate freebie day (well, thus far anyway), the contents being as follows -

  • A load of vouchers for money off at various stores and restaurants (although most expire at the end of the month)
  • A sachet of free Carex anti-bacterial hand wash
  • A "Virgin Active" sweat band
  • A selection of "Charbonnel et Walker" truffles
  • Some Givenchy Eau de Toilette
  • An Alpen light bar, summer fruit flavour
  • Some Nivea Gel-Cream
  • Two kinds of Body Shop lipstick
  • A small bottle of "Molten Brown" bath/shower gel
  • A 125g Galaxy smooth dark chocolate bar
  • A couple of "Yorkshire Tea" tea bags
  • A "Cabot Place West" branded bottle of Welsh mineral water
  • An FT.com "newspaper of the year" travel card holder (with nice composite fake city-scape, notably sans One Canada Square)

- not a bad haul (although rather girly), Flyingpops should be pleased anyway... ;)

As word spread around the office so little gangs of people set off (indignant at having been left out) towards the lifts at a gentle trot forging an orderly queue of people waiting by the doors into the guts of Cabot Place, pouncing on the crew members and grabbing handfuls of bags before they could even get into the corridor... ;)


Darfuria said...

What the!? You get so many free gifts, man. I'm considering moving to London just to get in on the action!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe...seems to be! Never got this sort of thing at Kings Cross though (not the sort of people the marketing people want to target obviously), so you can't count on it all over London, looks like you need to come through London Victoria for free food, London Bridge for free drinks and Canary Wharf is just *awash* with everything going begging... ;)

Darfuria said...

Quite a scenic free lunch, but one day it might be worth the effort.