25 March, 2008

The Parador, Reigate - Tapas Restaurant

Parador Tapas #6
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break, I spent a bit of mine worrying about the Wedding (yes, I know it'll be fine *whatever*, but doesn't stop my mind giving me worst-case-scenario dreams), and the weather wasn't exactly inspiring - I think we can probably do without all the snow on the day (as Flyingpops keeps wondering out loud if she'll be able to cope with the cold), plus (largely) finishing my wedding speech has managed to bring the whole thing rather sharply into focus...the weather also swept us off for a rather surreal meal, eating (as we were) Tapas in "The Parador" in Reigate to celebrate Mum's 60th...(Happy Birthday again Mum!)...and watching the wind blasting snow flurries past the window outside as we tucked into our distinctly summery food -
Parador Tapas #2
- Now, Flyingpops and I have been here to eat about once a month since we discovered it (just wandering around town as we would do when on holiday seeing if anything took our fancy), so I have tried a number of the things on the menu before, the first time I just had to try the mixed Tapas platter (pictured at the top of the next photo) which gives you a taste of about 8 different kinds of "main" tapas dish (all of which are excellent), so this time, having had my curiosity sated by previous experience, I opted to try some of the other things on the menu, the "pimentos a padron", which are griddled spicy green peppers with rock salt (and are zingy and fresh and excellent), and you might just be able to make out the Carpaccio of Beef with lemon, parmesan and rocket salad on the bottom left, I've eaten this at the Black Duck in New York City, and frankly The Parador do it much better...even though New York was amazingly good-
Parador Tapas #4
- pretty much everyone else seemed to go for the paella (which again is absolutely superb) and obviously adapted according to what is seasonally available, as the collection of vegetables were vastly different to our last visit (as Flyingpops can never be tempted to eat anything other than that, she is now becoming quite an authority on it)...
Parador Tapas #5
- anyway, great place, great company and a great meal...We'll keep coming back... ;)

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