14 March, 2008

Fink's Links - World Wide Wonderment...!

Free Fortune Cookie
(rather embarrasingly, another freebie today, this time a fortune cookie from HSBC to promote the "China Design Now" event at the V&A, but anyway, it's Friday)...!

So, to save you the bother of surfing all hither and thither (lost, as if at sea, between the countless cute feline images choking the web), I sweep away the cats (largely), draw together the far flung and interesting, and place them as morsels for your delectation, thus -

A rather lucky American gentleman who hit a patch of ice while driving his pickup truck and...well, you'll see...I like there being cameras everywhere now...perform a FAIL and *someone* will be there to snap it... ;)

Nothing better to baffle any simple natives than to gift them with a "magic question box" on a pole in the middle of their village, actually we could probably do with a few in the UK... ;)

Sticking with exotic India, enjoy with me the warm *welcome* sign to a humble restaurant...(still, at least it's "Free sample day")... ;)

WIN - Man builds vigilante robot to battle drug dealers (and it works)!

Fancy signing up for a one way, one person mission to Mars? The proposal was real, and even had a code name - "Spirit of the Lone Eagle" after Charles Lindbegh's solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927...

Awesome video of some experimental modular snake bots, just need fitting out with venom sacs... ;)

A morphing model plane based on mother nature's very own Swift (with bonus video goodness)...

Exactly what happens if you decide that you fancy a nice "sip o' beer" while on the New York subway system (and it ain't pretty)...thank God I always took a cab... ;)

Now, how about a Japanese Horseraddish fire alarm (and yes, you read that right)... ;)

Fancy some nice DRM-free MP4 downloads direct from BBC iPlayer?

Watch the worlds largest shotgun cartridge being fired (bonus - high speed video photography thereof)

Seven brand-spanking-new deadly sins from the Vatican, including "meddling with DNA"...*face+palm*...

And finally, a nice piece on the history of photography (with a number of "firsts" there pictured)...

Previous posts here and more linky goodness next week... ;)


Darfuria said...

Oh come on! Another one!?

The sip of beer thing made me laugh.

Tom Hopwood said...

Talking of links mate, can you update Tommos to http://tomhopwood.blogspot.com/
It's very prestigious to be linked from you.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

I *know*...but it would be rude to say no... ;)

Tommo - Done!!

Tom Hopwood said...