10 March, 2008

UK Storm - Live Beach Cameras

Phew, so after driving through a nasty hail storm yesterday (with a half broken wiper blade flapping around) on our way to meet the wedding photographer, who (even after getting stuck in the traffic on the M25 behind a large crash, which would have made me very grumpy) described the church as "set in fairytale land", we've had a very disturbed night...wind and rain lashing the house, odd crashing noises from the back garden (turned out to be the dead vegetable contents of the garden repositioning itself firmly under the patio furniture) and then creaks and groans from the roof as it struggled to hang on against the elements...this morning the weather was *still* terrible, garden was flooded and we couldn't find any umbrellas (all in the camper, most likely), got absolutely soaked running down the plaform to find a carriage that wasn't completely "full and standing"...cheeked a couple of seats together when someone luckily got off at Redhill and then that was it, the train was full...all the way in no-one could join, at East Croydon a couple of people switched places between platform and train, but only a very few...lots of very disgruntled commuters this morning then, just lucky we live so far away...lunchtime (somehow) we were looking out the window to blazing sunshine and beautiful blue skies, and now the fog is moving back in, sky darkening again and I'm bracing for a nasty commute and an even *worse* night to come...

ITV have got some really fast live webcams running, check out this one of Brighton Beach (saw the swell wash up over the pier at lunchtime!), lots of others on there too...Newquay was scary earlier, but it seems to be completely dead now, hope it hasn't been washed away!

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