29 October, 2007

Welcome to Canary Wharf!

Canary Wharf #1
...and this is where I now work! Amazing...and it's photogenic too (from the right angles) -
Canary Wharf #5
- (see!) the Jubilee line is probably the most civilised on the tube network, with it's plastic shielding and automatic doors to stop anyone falling (or jumping) onto the platform, but the TFL journey time estimate of 7 minutes from London Bridge to "the Wharf" hasn't actually come true yet, taking more like 20 minutes (on average), but compare the conditions and grown up attitude of the patrons (yes, I am speaking of you, Victoria Line and Northern Line users) it really is a breath of fresh air, and *still* a way quicker transfer across London than either the Thameslink (now renamed First Capital Connect, sorry...) or the eternally unreliable bus network (although that is *much* cheaper admittedly)...

Today I took a little walk around the area, just to get my bearings, there is *loads* of security around the place -
Canary Wharf #4
- and it's pretty chaotic and super busy, just take a massive concentration of some of the biggest offices in London, and add on an underground sprawl of quality shops and bespoke restaurants to rival the best shopping streets in the capital, truly 24 hour operation (sorry, but New York *does* go to sleep, despite what the residents like to claim, I've been there and seen it shut on numerous occasions) and you end up with something quite unique...top it with the view from my office window overlooking the millennium dome (or the O2, if you like), with the Thames barrier in the background (no shot though, in my 1 hour-long security briefing they listed one of the reasons that sides of the building could be evacuated as someone spotting a photographer taking a picture from one of the other offices! We shall see though, might be able to snap one using a mobile or something, that shouldn't scare anyone too much)... ;)
Canary Wharf #3
Actually in our office (which sprawls over several floors) we have a 24 hour restaurant, a free gym (that looks out on the same view as me), a free solarium(!), and obviously free newspapers (but you have to get in pretty early in the morning to score one (as they vanish fast)!
Canary Wharf #2
Anyway, it's all going well...the place is incredible, it's just getting used to the slightly different commute... ;)

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Hey, that building was in 28 weeks later!