03 October, 2007

Quick update...

...venue is just amazing, situated right on the beach by a huge, blue shallow lagoon (you can walk out 500m from the shore line and still only be waist deep), the sand is like velvet, weather is zero humidity and about 28 degrees, gentle breeze from the ocean...Albania is about 2 miles away and (hazily) visible from anywhere around here (think we are going to pop over there to check out the ruins in a day or two) but it almost looks like you could walk over there! Food is largely excellent but it's taking a real mental effort to actually take in the fact that everything is completely free...I've been mostly eating huge amounts of pickled veg, Greek salad and olives, plus the odd bit of distinctly average English food (couldn't help but try a few bits (as you can go and get more of anything whenever you like)), anything local seems to be wonderful, so I'm sticking with the Greek food as much as I can...very, very different to any other holiday I have been on - you feel amazingly relaxed not having to worry about where your wallet is, or if you are over-spending on the holiday budget...the local beer isn't too bad (from the pool bar, the stuff in the main bar tastes like its a bit out of date) and the white wine is actually rather good...got lots of lovely pics, so more when I get back... ;)

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