28 October, 2007

Toilet paper habits in Corfu

Corfu 2007 - #8
Oh yes, one thing I forgot to mention about Corfu, the dreadful habit they have in that part of the world for disallowing the flushing away of toilet paper, and instead asking you to put it in a little bin next to the bowl...quite disgusting, but as our rep said - "The Greeks may have invented modern plumbing, but they got pretty far from perfecting it", he also cautioned "I suggest you don't try a sneaky flush either, as you may not like what comes back up to say hello"...*shudder*...

I was, however amused (and surprised) to read in a bar toilet (sorry, no picture) in Acharavi a sign reading "English Plumbing, Flush away!", so why, when building a new resort (Blue Bay Escape is only a few years old), didn't they fit facilities circa (say, at least) the 20th century?

Almost makes me wonder if it's a sick joke on the tourists and at home the locals all have these wonderful glistening affairs that you can confidently flush a 'phone book down... ;)

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