07 June, 2007

Sean Victor Willmott - Little lost Answerphone

Who is "Sean Victor Willmott"? Well, one thing is for certain, Sean is a man with a *zero* sized internet footprint. His name is one of those rare queries that results (when entered into Google) in absolutely *zero* results. Sean, congratulations - you have managed to keep a rather low profile...(until now)... ;)

I think this puts us somewhere between a googlewhack and a googlewhatblatt (or maybe *just* more likely than both (as we are using three words - but they *are* in quote marks which makes an exact match the only option)... ;)

You may be wondering why I am asking who Mr Willmott is? Well, this was delivered to the house the other day (opened it way before I checked the label with anything other than a "correct address" glance) confusion took me back to the label after the odd contents -
Little lost delivery #1
- right address, wrong name (looks like an ebay error to me)...anyway, it was posted from the UK, via Royal Mail, posting cost £5 - check what they charged you for shipping Mr Willmott!

It was in a battered Adidas white "Superstar 11 original", size 12 shoe box (price £49.99), with this tag on the box lid -
Little lost delivery #2
- and these naughty ladies, from the "Daily Star" of the 1st of June, wrapped lovingly around it (which I dignified before posting) -
Little lost delivery #3
- hope you got a good deal, Sean...for such a cock up of delivery...I hope you, or your seller knows how to use Google, let me know quickly and you can have your (decidedly battered) Audioline 298 "combination phone and answerphone"...I'll hang onto it until the end of the next Google dance, and if you haven't claimed it, it's going back to the post office (as whoever posted it cleverly didn't include a "return to sender address")

Not suprising as it looks like the phone is an old "Mercury" one...I'm not going to test it for you, but seriously- good luck mate...

(oh and I knocked doors a few doors down left and right just in case)...but no joy...

I have huge number of serial numbers from the packaging available also, and probably numerous fingerprints, as it's cased in perfect black plastic (and I know to be careful)...it should be easy to track this to source and destination..and your soft porn pics will be recycled if not claimed also... ;)


Anonymous said...

sorry absolutley nothing to do with the blog, other than uncle & auntie are keeping up to date, we are having lovely time, really hot and no thunderstorms!!!!!!!!!!! thinking of you all, see you wed..... sorry fink for using your blog to tell them at home we're ok. X

Tom Hopwood said...

Looks like an eBay candidate mate.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Flyingpops tried it out over the weekend, it's dead...I'll still wait and see if anyone spots this though... ;)

Adhesive X said...

Very, very strange! :)