28 June, 2007

Online Marketing 07

The Angel, Islington
So yesterday took a trip up to Angel to visit the NMA sponsored Online Marketing 07 conference, got a little bit lost trying to actually find the place, happening first upon the tradesmens entrance in Liverpool Road, and being directed to walk around the block (back the way I had come) by a burley security guard when I tried to follow a lorry driver in through the loading bay -
Business Design Centre, tradesmens entrance
- so, I finally managed to locate the *proper* way in -
Business Design Centre, Main Entrance
- where there was a queue of about 20 people waiting to pick up their badges (which I joined the back of), the person who was two in front of me hadn't registered, so was sent, blushing, to go and fill out his demographics by the front door and then (like a naughty school boy) join the back of the queue, next the person in front of me (who smiled smugly and presented her filled out demographic form) was then left stuttering when it was announced that the "on the door" registrants had to pay TWENTY QUID ADMISSION! "But why is it so much?" she asked, to be told "Admin costs", "But it's free to register online!" she protested (to a shrug and a "sorry"), at which she acidly flicked over her credit card...(personally I would have gone and found a cyber cafe or walked up to the library and registered rather than cough up, but she probably just expensed it)... ;) Anyway, being a good boy, and having pre-registered, I handed over my e-ticket, collected my complimentary "Doubleclick" neck strap, attached my newly printed name badge to it, and headed towards the doors...being handed a complimentary bag of popcorn (courtesy of "Big Mouth Media") as I did so... ;)
Online Marketing 07
Muching handfulls, I wandering the stalls, spotting (and politely endured sales pitches from) content management providers, SEO/Search specialists, end to end agencies, SEO/Search specialists, design studios, SEO/Search specialists, email and banner serving providers, SEO/Search specialists, the odd new media association (trying to invent themselves), SEO/Search specialists and yet more SEO/Search specialists (who by then I was hurrying past with my NMA carrier bag in front of my head) -
Online Marketing 07
- went to a number of the (generally very interesting) workshops, the best of which (about current general marketing strategy and trends) was largely ruined by the young lad who was *supposed* to be doing the AV for the PA system, but seemed much more interested in sneaking bits of his Burger King lunch from the drawer beneath the controls) -
Online Marketing 07
- tut...anyway, had a really good day, will certainly attend again, as it's facinating to see things from the "other side" (i.e. what the marketeers are being advised to do, going forward), oh and I also got a load of pens, and (a *real* coup) a doubleclick T-Shirt (when I volunteered us to be on the public beta for their widget dashboard) (don't ask)... ;)


Ys said...

Ooh I love getting free pens. I'm so bad with free pens that everyone I know now brings me any free pens they've been given as well hehehe

Glad you had a good day. And didn't have to pay the £20.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thanks Ys... ;)

Anonymous said...

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