05 May, 2005


Lunch today consisted of meeting up with Flyingpops in the wonderfully named Thai Resturant/Bar - "The Rampage" in Holborn (I kept on thinking of a certain Unreal Tournament accouncement, or a bunch of big monsters smashing up a few city blocks) -
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- I arrived a little early and bagged a nice table right in the window so we could watch the world go by while we ate. I opted for the "Pad Ki Mao (Hot)", which was a dish of stir-fried rice and vegetables (I spotted shredded carrot, sliced peppers and spring onions (and I tasted a bit of fennel I think, but I couldn't see any)) with griddled chicken, shredded slow-cooked pork and butterfly king prawns with chilli and sweet basil (boo, no galangal, was really looking forward to trying some too after watching all that "Douglas Chew cooks Asia" on Sky Travel! ) -
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- it was pretty good too, but no-where near what I would describe as "(Hot)"...I'll go for the Thai Red Curry next time I recon to be on the safe side... ;)
Oh and towards the end of the meal one of Flyingpop's acquaintances "E" appeared in the window smiling and waving, she came bursting into the resturant to say "hi" and during her boundless "tigger-like" greeting manuvures managed to knock my pint over (which thankfully was nearly finished) resulting in much hilarity and embarrasment, followed by a very kind and quite unessesary offer of a new drink...still giggling to myself now about it... ;)
The staff were actually quite complimentary (as they were cleaning up) about the controlled spill that had resulted in no fluid actually leaving the surface of the table...!

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