19 May, 2005

Great Britain is trying very hard...

...to be in the running to host the 2012 Olympics, there is an advertising campaign running all over London, trying to convince everyone that it is a good idea...just check out the Northern line at London Bridge if you don't believe me... ;)

I for one, don't think it is a good idea, because I have been on the London Underground and a number of other modes of public transport in our nations capital, and to be perfectly honest, it is already rather too crowded *without* bringing the worlds althletic sports fans and participants to join us, thank you very much. And do we really want the same kind of economic ruin that Greece suffered after the last one? I was amused, therefore, to spot the following bit of graffiti on a wall in Farringdon the other day (hehe) -
Click for a larger image...
- although quite why Anarchists want to help keep public transport ticking over nicely is a bit of a mystery...*shrug*

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