07 May, 2005

Herb Garden update!

Getting quite a collection now! In summary I have 3 kinds of mint (lamb, garden and tesco), 2 kinds of thyme (one functional, one ornamental-ish), 2 kinds of basil (sweet and another one), oregano (which is thriving so well it is threatening to cut off all sunlight to one of my thyme plants!), coriander, sage, 3 kinds of chives (no idea of the varieties I am afraid but the one that came from my folks is so big it looks like spring onions!), rosemary, rocket -
Click for a larger image...
- and 2 kinds of tomato plant (the others didn't make it, I think I need a small green house next time I try this!) -
Click for a larger image...
- "Gardeners Delight" and "Moneymaker", contrary the instructions I have planted them in the grow bag before the first flower, but I'm sure they'll be fine... ;)

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