16 August, 2017

Yay! New 'Fridge...!

New Fridge
Delivered on Monday (just gone) by two fellows in a van (one of our neighbours parked out the back, blocking the back gate, so they had to try and squeeze it through the front door - it only just fitted - after they had removed the 'fridge doors)...! But here it is at last - the 'fridge of my dreams...! New Fridge
It has an ice dispenser built in (hurrah!) - a mysterious "Wifi" button - not read the manual yet, but it looks like it has a load of sensors (like 11) built in and syncs up with an Android app so you can tell it to "boost ice production" in emergencies and other such things (probably largely pointless, another little cog in the internet of things) -
New Fridge
- oh and a really clever "door-in-door" design whereby you can pop condiments, cheddar blocks, olives, gallons of milk, the little yoghurt drinks that Annabelle drinks by the dozen (anything you are always going in and out of the 'fridge for basically) in this part of the door leaving the rest of the interior (with all your chops, chickens, salad and veggies) largely undisturbed...used properly it's supposed to save ~40% on energy consumption! Clever stuff...

The most clever bit about it though (and well done to Flyingpops for managing to arrange it like this), is that the entire new kitchen is being installed while we are away on holiday, so we should come back to everything (pretty much) done after our two week break!

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