07 August, 2017

Nature reclaims the Pilgrim

Nature reclaims the Pilgrim
So the Pilgrim pub in Dorking is on my walk to and from the station (morning and evening), it closed it's doors for the last time back in August 2015 - long before I started actually working in Dorking again. Last year I was witness to it being boarded up (they actually use sheet metal now) after plans to redevelop and re-open it (presumably) fell through.
The Pilgrim - boarded up
 Now, day by day, I am watching the slow reclamation process taking place by plants and wildlife, along with the odd bit of vandalism - the brick BBQ was smashed to bits the other week and rough sleeping (mostly in the roof of the barn out the back), it appears they gained access by stacking a number of old beer barrels into a makeshift set of stairs...and just recently most of the old garden tables were pushed together and connected with a ramp - I assume for skateboarding purposes - it's nice to have my own personal bit of derelict urbanity within which to do exploration (right on the doorstep too), I find it amusing that the place is seeing so much activity after it has (as far as most people are concerned) permanently ceased to function.

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