15 August, 2017

Balloon, Rave and Canister, Canister-Rave-B'loon...Dorking

Canister and Balloon Dorking
Here we go, didn't take me long to pass one, first thing Monday morning (although I found numerous other examples during my 6 minute walk).

It was dropped on the pavement in Station Road outside the old folks home.  In case you aren't aware - this is evidence of the use of so-called "Hippy crack" or plain old Nitrous Oxide (to you or I)...there are a *lot* of these kicking around the place in Dorking, so next time you see someone walking along the road (it is clearly done in plain sight based on the location I spotted this one in) and happen to see a group of people clutching (or appearing to be blowing up) balloons (and then falling over), it is just possible that they may very well *not* be on their way to a kids birthday party...

Interestingly, Derek Jones, the CEO of Kuoni Travel reported that their new (currently unoccupied) office located at the entrance to Dorking Office Park - One Dorking Office Park - Kuoni HQ
- (the one that grew up over the top of Old Char Wharf) was blessed with the pleasure of hosting an illegal rave on the site last weekend (probably thanking his lucky stars that they haven't actually taken up occupancy as a company yet)...There are a few pictures here from before the police arrived, broke up the "Conga" that was going on and seized the sound system, at which point the majority of the participants ran across Meadowbank park, presumably to their rich parents' houses to hide in the loo.

I'm not sure Dorking really knows how to have a proper rave... ;)

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