29 May, 2014

Our own private swimming pool...

Our Private Pool at Widmouth Bay 2014
...this was another clear advantage of getting down to the coast a little early during our holiday...we had around **8** hours in the pool (all told) without ever even seeing another person (divided into roughly hour and a half long chunks)!  :)


Lee Delaney said...

Why don’t you build your own swimming pool at the comfort of your home, so you don’t have to sneak on the coast earlier on holidays? I know it could be expensive, but the fun it will bring with you is worth it, given that all of you love to swim. Just a thought.

Lee Delanay @ PoolShop WA

Stella Hammond said...

That clear blue water looks inviting! Imagine having access to something like that anytime you like. Pools are worthy investments in terms of home improvement. Not only do they greatly increase the aesthetic appeal of your house, they’re also great source of fun for you and your family of swimmers.

Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools