28 May, 2014

Widemouth Bay in the sunshine!

Widemouth Bay 2014
Gosh, we were so lucky with the weather down in Cornwall, we arrived (after a rather early start) in the middle of a heatwave -
Bude Beach 2014
- so we spent the first couple of days just mucking about on the beaches (Widemouth and Bude), rock pooling (Thomas actually caught a little fish - in his shoe!  Other finds included millions of limpets, mussels - which Thomas wanted to eat there and then, sea snails and parts of crabs - no whole ones on the beach - must have been visited by seagulls before we got there) -
Widemouth Bay 2014
- Stonehenge recreating (after glimpsing it through the early morning fog on the way down) -
Widmouth Bay 2014
- and sandcastle building... ;)  Plus obviously a bit of splashing in the sea (and eating plenty of sand - accompanied by tiny bits of Cornish pasty from time to time)... ;)

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