24 February, 2014

Watching the Shard being built...

The Shard from London Bridge
...and then moving there (well into the baby version anyway)! Wow - the Shard was *small* back then!!  Anyway, tomorrow, assuming I can get a train into London from Earlswood early enough for the start of the session at 0745 (just a clue - that's a no - going to have to get a cab into Redhill to catch a different train if I want to make it) -
The Shard
- I can participate in one of our office's "Shard Event"s (there are so many people involved I think they are going on all week long) but my place is booked for tomorrow morning -
The Shard
- we assemble for breakfast on the 22nd floor (so same sort of height I used to work at in Canary Wharf) and then get a load of presentations regarding our relocation later in the year (progress/strategy/integration and a background/orientation session from the property group responsible for the London Bridge Quarter structures) -
- and then last but not least a trip up to the viewing platform (hope it's clear weather like today)!
The Shard at twilight
Really looking forward to it, will need to make sure I charge the Canon ready for the morning! ;)

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