27 February, 2014

Open air viewing platform at the Shard

A couple of flights of stairs later (as if you actually needed to be any higher up at this point) -
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
- pushing through a heavy glass door -
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
- you suddenly (and unexpectedly scarily) find yourself standing back outside...No idea why, just a few feet below I felt perfectly comfortable...now my legs started to wobble (as the wind whistled past my ears)...
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
...and those little barriers looked just a little bit inadequate for the task of stopping me being blown off the edge...anyway, I overcame my reservations and had a little walk around, managing to get right into the corner to take a (dizzying) shot up to the top of the building -
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
...which really wasn't that far above where I was standing...!  And then, I had quite honestly had enough, the rain was starting to come down quite heavily, so I took one more spin around the level below just grabbing a few shots of the raindrops with the city beyond-
Climbing the Shard in the Rain Climbing the Shard in the Rain
- and then headed back towards the lifts...absolutely breathtaking...I can't help but look over at the Shard now (from time to time) and reflect on how staggeringly tall it actually is (once you are standing right at the top) the whole of the rest of London is just insignificant in comparison...well worth the trip - but if you are paying to do it, do it on a sunny day! ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

It really is a remarkable piece of engineering and I would love to have been with you there old pal. It IS a shame it was raining, Scoop Mayer does take exceedingly good pictures.

Fink Angel said...

Oh it could have been worse, on some days the entire top is shrouded in cloud...at least I had half an hour of fairly clear skies! ;)