25 February, 2014

Up the Shard on a Rainy day

So, today was the day, what a shame the weather wasn't too good...(oh well - I guess the cool thing is that hardly anyone would normally do this sort of thing in bad weather, so my pics might actually be somewhat unusual)... ;)
...so I got to London Bridge quite early (had to cab it to Redhill and get on a super early Luton train in order to make it on time) -
- found the Shard Arcade (which I has spied on previously during construction) now open, but it's still a bit shy in the way of actual shops - anyway - at the appointed time, I walked to the main entrance of the Shard itself - was directed to a lift -
- honestly, it felt a bit like playing a tutorial level on a run and gun game ("This way, Sir", "Yes, just up there") there must have been ten people employed to this end (which was the 22nd floor) -
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
- we had a couple of hours of (very informative) presentations after taking a couple of snaps from this (comparatively low level) -
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
Climbing the Shard in the Rain
...and then...it was back down to the ground floor to take a trip up to the top of the world (London-style)...

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