25 July, 2013

Oh and it was Chicken Chettinad today...

Chicken chettinad
...in the staff canteen (absolutely delicious spicy curry from Southern India) served with Saag aloo, steamed cardomom pilau rice, mango chutney and raitta...£3.57...going to need to top up my payment card again soon at this rate, lunch is normally a bit cheaper than that... ;)

Off to Brighton tomorrow for the company conference/awards ceremony (they have laid on a bunch of coaches to get everyone there) at the Grand Hotel (and then some water-based -out at sea- activities in the afternoon - hope my wetsuit still fits after all this fine grub!), plus they have paid for *everyone* to have a free hotel room for the night afterwards! Amazing!  What a pleasant way to segue into the weekend... :)

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