28 July, 2013

Life in a trailer tent with 2 children

It's amazing to think it's almost 5 years since we last went camping and next weekend, we hope to have our first trip out in the new trailer tent.

So much has happened in 5 years, we now have Thomas and Poppy to think about and whilst I'm sad we sold Colin, there is absolutely NO WAY all 4 of us would have squeezed into the camper.  Next weekend, we'll be off on a trial break and I've been unpacking all the old camping bits, along with all the memories attached.  I'm wondering how the children will cope with sleeping under canvas and more importantly how well our neighbours cope as I'm sure we will all be up early! Still, all very exciting and I can't wait!

We've got to get through the week first, then get lots of things packed and organised.  Finally, I have to tow the trailer for the first time & work out how to put up the trailer tent.  Fink and I will probably fall out and provide lots of entertainment for onlooking campers, but hopefully we'll be able to get it all set up before it falls dark :O)

Heres a link to our last holiday in Colin... I can't believe it's been so long

Here's to more happy times ahead.


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