16 July, 2013

Goodbye Thomas More Square...

Thomas More Square
...as of next year we (my office and I) are moving to "The Place"...or as it is better known - "The Mini Shard" from Thomas More Square (pictured)...so a few things to look forward to -

A zero minute commute from London Bridge station to the office (rumours of a secret, private entrance direct from the station into work's private underground shopping complex, even though that would hardly be necessary considering how close it is anyway, would just be a very welcome cherry on the top!)...so, thank you free shuttle bus, but I won't be needing you quite so much from now on (amazingly cool as you have, and will continue to be in the meantime!)...A large private roof plaza (in fact, you can already see all the huge plants up there if you peer up from ground level), amazing views from most sections of the office over central London (including the Thames, Tower, Tower Bridge, London Eye, St Pauls etc. etc.), air conditioned comfort...excellent proximity to Borough Market and Bankside...and a blank canvas inside as we are the first tenants...so everything will be laid out exactly as is required!

Things just keep on getting better!  Roll on next year! :)

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