28 August, 2012

Wimpy Bar Leicester Square

Wimpy Bar - Leicester Square
Wow...little bit of urban archeology here (and from my lifetime too)...the building work in Irving Street (not actually Leicester Square itself but one of the pedestrian walks into it) has revealed an old 'Wimpy Bar' shop sign...that means, at *some* point, Wimpy was (a) cool enough and (b) successful enough to front a store at a major London tourist spot...thinking about it, I do actually seem to remember there being a *massive* (and really busy) Wimpy at Picadilly Circus (roughly where Barclay's Bank/Boots are now)...I used to go there with my folks and have (dreadfully thin) deep fried fish and chips (with malt vinegar in a sachet)...loved it for some reason! ;)

The nearest one to Leicester Square now is (urm...) in Shadwell (33 minutes on public transport, with 2 changes)...can't see myself making the trip though, not even for a bender in a bun... ;)

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