13 February, 2012

New Camera! My Canon 600D!

Canon 600D
*Just* in case you haven't noticed (a) the sudden explosion in the number of photographs I have been taking lately and (b) the sudden (albeit subjective) increase in quality thereof, the reason is fairly simple - a very welcome new toy (thanks to everyone who chipped in)...! ;)

It is a Canon EOS 600D with a nice Tamron AF18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 IF Macro lens (the lens that came with it *had* zoom (technically) but for all it did to the final picture it may as well not have done)...at the moment, every time I pick it up I seem to find another cool thing it does, but notable super cool things are the *huge* flip out screen (Sony handycam style), remote control (and remotely operated flash unit), *staggering* quality HD video recording, toddler-proof high speed focus and shooting (which works very nicely in very low light without flash), quickly movable auto-focus center priority, 500-odd shot battery life between charges, creative auto mode (that takes all the hassle out of arty selective blur), post shot on camera picture editing with cropping facility/tilt shift mode and various other filter/fish-eye emulators, 10x zoom-within-zoom for super accurate manual focus, three different autofocus modes (normal, normal with automatic face detection and super-fast)...

It used to be that I go out for a nice day out somewhere and come home with 150 shots to look through, now it's more like 600 shots (and I can begin my post-shoot processing in the car on the way home as the screen is so fantastic)! Amazingly all my "safe" shots with the flash I'm just able to throw away as low light shooting is so crisp and artifact-free, and in bright light not a *hint* on vignetting or purple fringing...One thing I *am* missing from my trusty Fuji S9600 (which literally fell into pieces in envy and stopped working the minute the Canon came through the front door) is super-macro mode (I can feel a dedicated Macro lens lurking somewhere in my not-so-distant future)... ;)

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canon digital camera said...

I felt the same way too when I switched from Canon 3000 to Canon 600D. The intelligent auto feature is very useful for beginners. Panasonic digital cam have the same feature in which I really love since I'm not so good in manual.