17 February, 2012

Baby Poppy is signed off!

Health Visitor - Hearing check
So with the visit of the health visitor on Wednesday morning (to do a general check-up and successful hearing test) and the little trip we took to the Steppingstones Sure Start Centre in Earlswood-
Sure Start Centre
- on Monday, apparently that's it as far as the medical professionals are concerned!
Visit to Midwife
Poppy and Flyingpops are fit and healthy and happy and ready for the big, wide world (oh and happy two week birthday for today, Poppy...! Lots of love Daddy, Mummy and Thomas... ;)

Jobs for later on today include going to register her birth and opening her and Thomas up savings accounts at the bank (Flyingpops is just checking out the best interest rates and deals), more on that (probably) tomorrow... ;)

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