11 February, 2012

Lego and Duplo Projects!

Baby Poppy buys Thomas a gift
Thomas *loves* Duplo (*nearly* as much as Daddy) so you can imagine how pleased he was to get this extra little gift (the Duplo Stone Quarry) from baby Poppy (cleverly saved a day or two after she was born - so it would stand out in his memory and act as a nice distraction)...a few other things we have built together (I'll post some other pictures as we continue our constructive adventures - there have been a few triumphs I forgot to take pictures of which I will attempt to rebuild)-
Duplo Castle
- our latest version of the "Great BIG Castle!!" -
Duplo Castle
-complete with hollow towers, doorways, battlements and a staircase-
Duplo Hogwarts Castle
- a higgledy-piggledy Hogwarts Castle (of sorts) -
Duplo with Mummy
- Flyingpops' attempt at a giant tower (which kept on falling over until she threw the bits back in the box in a mood) -
Duplo Seed Crystal
- and my hollow Duplo seed-crystal, which Thomas immediately took to pieces to get at the treasures I had hidden inside... ;)

More pictures to follow (when we build something else "interesting" imho)... ;)

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