10 March, 2011

Baby Einstein

It's about now...18-19 months, all of a sudden, Baby Einstein (the Disney DVDs designed to stimulate kids in an "edutainment" way) suddenly come into their own...when Thomas was *very* new we tried them out (using them predominantly for animal drill - "That's a CAT Thomas, the CAT says 'Meow', can you point to the CAT?" to which Thomas would look confused and suck his fingers)...now if I spin up the "Shapes" movie there is an awful lot of jumping around and pointing "Dadn, a tiangle!", "Dadn circles!" "Dadn lellow sqare!" (although, admittedly, most colours seem to be called "lellow" and "a" ends up on the front of words slightly at random but at least plurals seem to be fairly regularly correctly employed)...this has the potential to be very, very useful on the flight on holiday (assuming it doesn't annoy the other passengers too much)... ;)

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