08 March, 2011

Freezing C.C.COLD!!!

New Earlswood Allotments
Oh Boy...it has been *freezing* the last few mornings, wouldn't be so bad apart from the fact that (patting myself on the head) I'm still walking to the station in the mornings (got my time down to about 21 minutes now, front door to platform bench) but that is certainly more than enough time to both work up a bit of a sweat stomping over the hill and to get freezing cold extremities (which is an annoyingly uncomfortable combination), I'm sure when I got to the station and fumbled to unzip (with numb fingers) my coat a cloud of steam emerged from my skiing jacket...Anyway, there are a few positives, as of yesterday I'm not having to do the trudge in the pitch black, two weeks ago I had a particularly eventful walk - both a fox and I scared each other half to death in the middle of the woods, and then two minutes later I almost squashed a huge toad (sat right in the middle of the path) into strawberry jam...it's just such a relief for the wildlife and I to have fair warning of each others approach... ;)
New Earlswood Allotments
Oh and of course, it's nice to be able to take the odd picture again, these shots I took on the other side of the hill, not sure how long it's been going on (as it's been too dark to see) but it looks like someone is busy converting the old horse field next to the railway line into vegetable allotments, which is nice, it's been sat there doing absolutely nothing for *years*... ;)

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