14 September, 2010

Gatwick Express Train Surfing?

I have just been seriously freaked out, when the Gatwick Express zoomed past Earlswood station about thirty minutes ago I heard someone shouting 'Help! Help! Help!', I looked up and down the train, but as it was traveling so quickly it was impossible to be sure no-one was clinging on for dear life, desperately regretting their decision to copy those train surfing vids on YouTube...next stop the Station Mistress, who also had heard something very odd (and getting clarification she wasn't hearing things trotted off to ring it in)...

I just hope it was either a collective hallucination or some bedraggled wreck falls, largely unhurt, off the back of the train when it pulls in at East Croydon or London Victoria (and isn't now laying broken in a ditch only to be reported missing by worried family later on today)...what a scary start to the day though... <:0

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Gatwick hotels said...

wow this is creepy. Last night I had an odd ... "meeting". I was walking to my hope and a man started walking next to me. Well he was obviously in my direction but when you are a woman and there is nobody on the street you get scared easily. So we walked next to each other silently with the same speed for 10 minutes and when I finally got to the front he told me "I guess our walk ended. Have a nice evening". I'm ashamed I get scared so easily.