23 September, 2010

Dropbox - Free cloud storage...

...just found this really cool app and thought I would share...basically (for free) you get 2Gb of storage (in the cloud) - okay, you say, lots of people doing that - but here is the killer, you install a tiny app (there are clients for PC/Mac/Android/iphone etc.) say, on your office PC and install the same on your laptop at home and whenever you add/remove even *modify* any files on either of these machines then dropbox automatically syncs them up! <:O

They even keep incremental backups of all your stuff, this is just *perfect* for keeping collaborative shared folders safe and accessible everywhere!

Tube strikes and can't get into the office? No problem, access all those important documents in real time over the cloud! Want to transfer large media files into/out of the office, no problem - they will be there waiting for you when you get to your destination...!

Want to share files with another user? Just right click on the folder and hit "Share"... It even lets you access all your files direct from your telephone, or via a web client (if someone you are visiting has got a strict policy for not installing apps on their workstations)...

Click here to sign up and check it out (it's completely free)! Very slick, and super useful! I'll be testing the Android app out at lunchtime!

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