25 January, 2010

New Washing machine and cooker repaired

Oh bliss, oh rapture...! After what seems like an eternity living in the dark ages, everything (pretty much), seems to be working again in the house...believe it or not, as of a couple of weeks ago, not only were we completely snowed in, but both our washing machine and our main oven decided to simultaniously give up the ghost...! Normally (well, previously normally I guess), this wouldn't have been so much of an issue, but with all of the clothing (albeit tiny clothing) that Thomas manages to get dirty (in one way or another), even one single week's worth of washing seems to now fill about 6 large Tesco "Bag for Life" containers... <:0

To get us through this unhappy predicament, a procession of sticky bagfulls has been greatfully paraded to our neighbours (while the snow was impassable for 4 wheeled vehicles), and thence to various relatives, until, thanks to an incredibly welcome donation from my folks, and a careful bit of negotiation by Flyingpops and her folks we finally got our new machine delivered last week, and it was fitted by Flyingpops' dad on Saturday morning to great sighs of relief (and many, many washloads of muslins and bibs)... ;)
Fitting the Washing Machine
To top things off, he then pulled the back off the oven and successfully fitted a new heating element, thus saving us roughly £500 buying a new oven, so yesterday (to celebrate) we had a lovely dinner of heavily peppered roast beef and roast potatoes...thanks Pops!
Fixing the Oven
(Of course Thomas was lots of help)... ;)

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Ys said...

Weirdly, I had the same problem, only the other way round...

The oven died recently. Thanks to Ray working for a kitchen-fitter we somehow managed to snag a 6-month-old one for free, which saved us from bankruptcy ;)

The washing-machine also then threatened to die. But Ray did some of his plumbing magic and it's working again now.