12 January, 2010

Baby Thomas' first Christmas

What an incredible first Christmas for Thomas, absolutely surrounded by friends and family, showered with lovely presents (especially by his mum), so here are just a very few (of the millions of) pictures we took (to share some of the magic with you) -
Foot painting
Getting some of the presents ready, which involved ceramic paint, Thomas' foot, a lot of very tickly brushes and many, many smudged footprints...
Thomas' First Christmas
A visit to Christmas Tree Land at Priory Farm in Nutfield, despite the fact that we already had our (still alive) tree from last year (now about twice the size) back in from the garden...(rather a good investment)!
The living room at Christmas
Thomas' First Christmas
Thomas *loved* the decorations, suddenly the boring old living room was alive with exciting new electrically powered/choking objects to try and hit and place in his mouth...
Thomas' First Christmas
Being good at Christingle (while watching out for cocktail sticks and accidental headbutts)...
Thomas' First Christmas
Trying out his Christmas hat... ;)
Thomas' First Christmas
Wrapped up warm in the car seat...
Thomas' First Christmas
Stocking full on Christmas morning...
Thomas' First Christmas
Thomas' First Christmas
Thomas' First Christmas
...and gifts under the tree aplenty!
Thomas' First Christmas
Even more impressive when all the wrapping was off... ;)
Thomas' First Christmas
Loads more pictures here (including lots of family ones, which some of you have been asking for)... ;)
Christmas Hanging Basket
Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

aaaah, super cute pix!!

Flyingpops said...

our tree did look pathetically small last year and really did grow a lot over the summer! Lots more loving and it should be 5ft next year!

What a magical family christmas we had... somehow I get the feeling they are just going to get better and better

Kev Brown said...

How lovely! I like the second picture with his big wide open eyes!

Tom Hopwood said...

Bless him, he looks adorable in his little striped suit.