21 January, 2010

Babies and High Heel Shoes!

Having pondered for weeks on end, I have finally pushed myself and had an evening out, without Fink or Thomas (the first time since Thomas was born). It was fairly low key, a couple of drinks in Reigate with my fellow mummy friends, but a very big milestone for me. I have to confess I went through a wave of emotions, feeling redundant as Fink and Nanny bathed Thomas before I left, to nervousness (would he go down OK?). I kept my phone on the table all night, watching for texts and glancing at the photo of Thomas in my screensaver, but everything was OK. It was a fantastic night... I laughed lots, had 2 glasses of wine and finally let my hair down!

My evening out has made me sit and reflect on the things I’ve taken for granted for years. I really was quite frivolous before becoming a mummy and now appreciate the life I had before (not that I would want to go back). I have to confess, I’ve missed snippets of the old me. My clothes are now all about practicality for feeding/walking/inevitable sick patches, hair usually tied back as Thomas likes to pull it and time is precious, so I barely apply make up, let alone relax in a bubble bath with a book. Last night that all changed as I had the luxury of time to get ready for my night out. It was amazing, I had a super long bubble bath, washed hair that was blow dried and then straightened, make up carefully applied and clothes chosen that didn’t have to be discreet for feeding. I even got out my high heel boots, handbag, and perfume! (the joke being I used to run around London in these boots and could barely walk at all in them!)

When I looked in the mirror last night, there was a completely different person looking back. A touch of the old flyingpops , with the maturity of motherhood and whilst I wouldn’t change being a mummy for the world, it certainly is nice once in a while to let your hair down and enjoy just being me.

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Anonymous said...

good for you, you need to be the old you every now and again. where the chatting isn't about the kids and it's all about you, you ,you!!!
you can't be supermum all the time.
speak soon when i get five mins to myself. hope you are all well.