14 July, 2009

Newborn clothes - Shopping in Crawley

Crawley - Shopping for Baby clothes
Back to Saturday now, we got up really early so we could be there before the ravening new-town horde descended (baying and slavering) scouring every corner of every retail outlet with their particular brand of covetous chaos...arriving just about 9am, we found the car park largely empty (plan going well so far), parked up on the second storey and rode the escalators down into County Mall, first stop was Boots (which we had practically to ourselves), and by some great fluke of luck they had a massive promotion on (loads of extra points and up to 40% off baby goods), so we picked up some new expensive electrical goods, *enormous* pots of hideously expensive creams and lotions and a few items of clothing (earning about £17 in points on the reward card)-
Crawley - Shopping for Baby clothes
- we then hit Pumpkin Patch (where we got 3 lemon-yellow little outfits, with an incredibly cute little hat and matching vest, mittens and booties) - these will be the "visiting time" baby wear, for when the little one has to be all presentable for picture taking -
Crawley - Shopping for Baby clothes
- after this we headed to Primark (me dragging my heels in anticipation of absolute hell), but it too was actually comparatively empty! In there we picked up the majority of the simple, everyday outfits required for the early days, and after a brief stop at Prémaman (another sale) to pick up a bargain cardigan, we finished off in Mothercare (who were *also* having a sale! Talk about the right weekend to go shopping for baby stuff!) but all that meant was they had wheeled all the rails out of the stock room and jumbled everything up (meaning it ended up being a much more confusing shopping experience even than Primark, as newborn was all mixed up with everything else)...not ideal...but anyway, we now have *plenty* of vests, socks, baby grows, etc. etc. and from that direction, at least, we are all ready to go! :)


Flyingpops said...

It was so much fun to buy MJ his/her first couple of outfits... I have spent hours upon hours sat looking at them, trying to work out which one he/she will wear first! We are so organised now with 0-3 months babywear...
As for shopping experience, I have to say Mothercare was the worst shop, complete chaos... wrong pricing and generally expensive for what they do!

Fink - you forgot to mention we also got a blanket in Pumpkin patch, to match the outfit/scratch mits etc.. Thank goodness they had a sale on! I just hope it all fits MJ and He/She isn't sick all over their outfit before the visitors arrive!!!!

Absolute Beginner said...

Ha ha Flyingpops let's hope it all fits is what I would say... with those long legs who knows!! Tee hee. It's so exciting!

Ys said...

I adore baby clothes... and those teeny tiny shoes you can get ... TOO CUTE. Ray knows to keep me away from little people clothes cos I get extremely clucky ;)

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