03 July, 2009

Finks Links #70

Another week closer to parenthood, and this time, thankfully, there have been just a few minutes to collect some decent links! So, do please enjoy -

Someone has spent the last two years building a reproduction 1851 Tempest Prognosticator (oddly enough in Okehampton) which predicts storms using live fresh water leeches! Looks like I'll be popping along next time I'm in the area!

Check out falseexpense.com...honestly, will the wonders never cease?

Find out how laptop manufacturers get such good battery life when they are performing the benchmarking...(not terribly surprising)!

Carnivorous robots to be introduced into English homes... ;)

Bagel to go...(a very novel use for an empty DVD "cake tin")...

In case of Earthquake... ;)

WWIII propaganda...

A real life Spiderman (check out the flip)!

A nice urban exploration summary piece...

...and finally, an excellent bulletin board win and a hilarious sign fail... ;)

More next week...!


Mark Lewsey said...

Hi There

By way of introduction, my name is Mark Lewsey and with my sister, we are the new owners of The Hungerford Arms in Farleigh Hungerford. I notice from your pictures that you had a mini honeymoon and went to the pub?

The pub has actually been closed since September last year and we are in the final stages of doing the place up (new roof, wiring, decoration and everything else!) to get it open on July 17th.

I would be so graetful if you would consider us using some of your lovely pics (fire place, table shot, outside, bar etc) in some of our promotional material?
My direct email is mark.lewsey@yahoo.co.uk

Would be so graetful to hear from you as soon as possible as items are going to print.

Kind regards


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Emailed you from my work account Mark... ;)