09 September, 2008

Tim's Stag Weekend

Wow, what an epic...Ten hours in the car to get down there (terrible traffic), almost ran out of petrol (only 20 miles remaining when we pulled in) turbo shandy beer ping pong when we finally arrived...Saturday morning was spent down the beach splashing around and throwing things about, Saturday night saw pirate costumes, a swearing taxi driver, a blow up doll, one major collision with a table, a lot of spilt beer and a split eye (for the best man, but luckily we had plenty of eye patches to hand - stuffed with toilet paper to stem the bleeding), a nice Thai meal followed by trying to blag our way into a club for free (and failing) then the husband-to-be getting pinned to the floor by bouncers, ripping his costume and cutting his knee as he tried to steal back the best man's coat (as he had managed to mislay his ticket) and then the best man got stuck (on his own) in town waiting for a taxi until about quarter to four in the morning (making everyone feel rather guilty)...Sunday we got lots of little electric planes stuck in trees (thanks to high winds) and had to shoot them loose with a BB Gun, played Guitar Hero, then went and ate a hearty meal of roast beef watching the Grand Prix...played poker and gaffer tape bondage during the afternoon and collapsed into delierium in the evening...Monday morning we headed home early and got stuck in *more* traffic thanks to a lorry falling over and blocking the entrance to the M25...and then discovered that my train ticket and security pass had vanished over the weekend (resulting in a frantic, and thankfully successful ripping apart of the living room)...so all in all a fairly eventful weekend! Got lots of incriminating pictures to go through properly when I get home tonight...can't decide if I dare post them on Flickr... ;)


Flyingpops said...

I think you should adhear to the 'what happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do' code of conduct! ;o)

Tom Hopwood said...

LOL, sounds like a rave and I'd love to see you playing Guitar Hero. Sage advice from Net mate, plead the 5th.

P.S. I don't get over to Dorking much but each time (as I guess you've noticed) I forget to bring your coat.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

I have a few fleece-type things which we found in the camper that are doing the trick for now, but before the deep midwinter, I do need some sort of coatage! ;)