07 August, 2007

Priory Farm Cafe

Well, a couple of weeks ago now actually, I popped out for lunch with my folks at the very modestly named "Coffee shop" at Priory Farm in Sandy lane (which isn't far from Nutfield)...it's actually much more of cafe/restaurant than a coffee shop, and everything they brought out (table service after ordering at the counter) was fantastically presented and quite delicious...I had the Welsh Rarebit, which I have to say was probably the best I have ever eaten...It's an independantly (family) owned place, which really prides itself on the quality of the produce, and everything they seem to turn their hand to just turns to gold...I am positively drooling at the prospect of sampling their special breakfast (only available at weekends) of eggs benedict, baked field mushrooms and "award winning Black Pudding from the Farm Shop’s butcher"...I normally just get carried away nosing through the delights in the farm shop, but I had been criminally overlooking a real treasure...don't miss it!

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