11 October, 2013


They shall not pass
Spotted just up the road from the office...oddly quite far away from Cable Street...but anyway, it's an interesting part of the history of this little bit of London...and it reminds me of The Lord of the Rings... ;)


Mum and Dad xx said...

First time I have heard the Fascists likened to a Balrog!Haha!

Tom Hopwood said...

Hey Bro, Cable Street was also famous in the 19th Century too, check this out http://www.thamespolicemuseum.org.uk/h_ratcliffehighwaymurders_1.html
After the parade, his body was buried at the crossroads of Cable St. and Cannon St. outside the Crown and Dolphin.

Fink Angel said...

Well I know pretty much where the first murder occurred, the others may be a little harder to track down...and here is the burial site today...not much to be seen!