09 October, 2013

Some numbers...

Haven't done this sort of post for a *very* long time...to be honest I haven't even *glanced* at the numbers for a very long time, but there we go...plenty of capacity in mente right now - so out swarm the tentacles (carefully)...

Having peeped through my fingers and forced my pseudopodia around the place here are just a few raw facts and figures (expecting, of course, some bristling between Google Analytics et al - but that is par for the course) about this tiny corner of the internets (feel free to switch off here if this sort of thing doesn't interest you ;)

These numbers are "All Time" (i.e. back to when I started this little personal experiment with Social Media)-

Total number of blog posts (Yeah, not "blogs") - 2,388 (or about 0.73 posts per day - down a bit on previous numbers - as was expected)

Most viewed post - This one - read (so far) 15,150 times...followed fairly closely by this one, read 7,897 times...to put it in context, as of right now, most of my new posts are getting just under 100 page views (the odd blip aside - this one and this one got significantly more than that)...

Total page views -552,496 (by 375k visitors) - daily visitor numbers are actually waaay down on what they used to be, but then I did leave the site pretty much alone (for a couple of years)!  Picking back up (very healthily) again now of course... ;)

Average dwell time - 1 minute 9 seconds (so, taking this average, "the folk of the internet" have spent -very roughly- 38.1 million seconds / 635k minutes / 10.6k hours / 441 x 24 hour days - or approximately 302 full working weeks?) Well - put it this way - quite a bit of time has been spent absorbing what has been written here.  Thank you... ;)

Total pictures posted - 15,327 (way less than 5% of what we, as a family, actually shoot - storage issues at home are a frequent...urm...point of discussion...?)

Total pictures viewed - 1,770,713 (-very- roughly 115 times each)

My most viewed picture?  This one...spotted in NPG HQ in Kings Cross...viewed 26,026 times... ;)

My most "interesting" picture (according to Flickr)?  This one, a very rare, very rusty, very -expensive- project bus snapped at the show and shine at the Volksworld festival...

Tweets - 7371 updates since July 16th 2007 (or about 4 tweets a day - sometimes more, sometimes less)...but yeah, old school...tweeting before it was cool...oh and Stephen Fry still follows me (not *entirely* sure why though)...probably because he is nice... ;)

So there we go, most numbers, over the last three years, have at least doubled since I last checked...Makes me wonder what would have happened if I had been paying attention? ;)

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Dad said...

I am mightily impressed with the figures in this post! It's great to see not only the size but also the quality of your followers. It's great to be in the company of the great Fry. Keep it up - your quality always was great and full of interest. Love from Dad and Mum xx.