11 September, 2013

Staying at the Hilton...

So (after only one -very minor- sat-nav hiccough) we found ourselves (the very last) parking space, grabbed (or rode - in Thomas' case) our overnight bags and headed into reception at the Hilton Hotel Southampton -
- which had a jolly nice fish tank (to keep the kids amused while we checked in)...our room was on the ground floor (great!), so we quickly booked a table at the restaurant, dumped our things, freshened up a little and then ran straight for food - an excellent burger and chunky chips for me, veggie risotto for Flyingpops and the kids had a quite extensive buffet to choose from (the fried chicken from which was absolutely amazing - I must confess to actually eating about a portion-worth myself as I was helping them to theirs)...pudding was profiteroles for Flyingpops, lemon and blackberry sorbet for me and watermelon (for the little ones - although Thomas did help out with my sorbet)...during dinner Flyingpops broke the news to Thomas that we would be going back to Peppa Pig World the next day (to great joy) and everything was topped off by our lovely waitress delivering helium balloons (their choice of colour) and free activity packs (Pirate themed for Thomas and Princess themed for Poppy) - it really couldn't have been any better!  As you can imagine we all slept like logs, got up early for breakfast (which was a *stunning* spread - I think Thomas had about 4 platefuls in the end)!  Then we were checking out and heading off into the bright sunshine, our plan being to be *right* at the front of the queue come park opening time to make the very most of day 2 of our adventure! ;)

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